At first glance, it’s hard to imagine what impact and what harm your startup name can cause. Looking at the names of companies well known to us, it’s hard to imagine that they could be called something else. The connection between the product of the company and its name is so strong that people are ready to pay for just a word, a brand because they are sure that it is exactly what they need. For this reason, it is impossible to underestimate the company name. Remember that the name is what your customer sees first when he sees your product, the word that he enters into the search engine to find your product. That is why it has no right to be mediocre, senseless and unpleasant. How to name a business and how to choose a name for startup, which does not drag it to the bottom, read in this article.

What Harm Can a Startup Name Do?

Let’s think about why we need to give the business a name. Theoretically, if a consumer really pays for a product, not for a brand, it can have no name at all. But is it really so?

Suppose you get an object or device that does not have any identifying marks. Will you trust this product? Will it seem reliable and effective to you? Probably not. Psychology influences here: if the product is not signed, then no one answers for its quality. Therefore, the first task of the name is to convince the user that the product has its company, the team that takes care of.

Now, suppose your product has got into the user’s hands by accident, and he/she liked it very much. Now the buyer wants to know more about your company, the range of products, or if it’s about startups, what other projects are in development now. Here comes the need for a name, because it is what the user will enter into the search engine, say to friends and will be looking for in stores. Therefore, the second goal of a mobile app, startup name is to make your business reachable and recognizable.

To succeed, you need to constantly keep in mind these goals:

• The name should allow you to be identified among competitors

• The name should call trust.

In a case that at least one of them is not reached, your business can simply die because the name drowns in thousands of other names and the word itself is not associated with quality and use.

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Company Name Ideas, Which Can Let You Down

Using a temporary name

One of the company name ideas among beginning businessmen is not to spend money on the purchase of a new domain, so they start working with what they have. In another case, they buy a temporary domain with a primitive name like Get[NAME].com and coming up with a more solid one in the process of promotion and growth. However, there can be no talk of any business development here. People will not be able to find such a product since it is difficult to identify by domain. Most likely, in this case, you risk never to reach the level when you need a new domain, or when a new name will be purchased it will be necessary to start all the promotion from scratch.

Copy the name of an established company

Another tempting reception in the company of newcomers is to name the company in the same way as a well-known brand but with a certain mistake, or write down another phonetic version of the name of a famous company. To some extent, this can contribute to brand recognition. However, in the future, expect trouble on its behalf. With your popularity, you will always be dependent on that very famous brand, and you will not be able to compete with it. The only possible positive development of such a startup can only be a merger with the original company, which in fact is not our goal now.

Using a meaningless naming

Perhaps Google, Yahoo! and Olx are on the top now and come to mind first if it is necessary to give an example of a senseless but successful name. Why did they fall into the list of ideas that could harm your business if they are great business names recognized worldwide? In fact, there is nothing scary in such names, but the beginning startups simply cannot afford the promotion of a business named in such a manner. Meaningless names do not have associative connections, which can tell users what you are doing at your startup. Therefore, you need to make a lot of effort, so that when you mention the word Google think about the search engine, and not just a number. And it is desirable that the name has a meaning to you, it should be a part of your business as well. Naming your company something like Google? So be prepared to explain its meaning and connection with your startup.

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Great Business Names Tips

Think about the future

Your business must certainly grow, so it is extremely important for a name to allow this growth. Give a name with a prospect for the future, and do not tie it to a specific person, place, or idea, because all this is changeable. Be prepared for experiments on the road to success, and start with a new, promising name.

Ask for a feedback

Each person perceives information in different ways, including names. You may think that the name is perfect, while others will have opposed impressions. Good business names should be trusted by the majority because the name is designed to attract customers. Provide your trusted friends, colleagues with several options to choose, use landings to pitch them to customers, etc.

Avoid hardly spelled, misspelled, and mispronounced names

Any difficulties with your brand name rendering can ruin your success. Hard-spoken names can not be promoted from mouth to mouth, and unintuitively written words are difficult to promote in the search engines.

Check up the Internet and trademark registry (LLC)

Have you checked your name on the Internet yet? If not, it is advisable to do it as quickly as possible, since the coincidence of names with other companies is always disastrous for business. Conduct a comprehensive research of Internet, where you check the desired name for the presence of competitors, other companies with the same name, registered trademarks.

Get a domain name

As companies open every day, it is likely that someone else has already used your name. Compared to trademarks, domain names are easier to redeem, so the likelihood that a domain with your name is already registered is higher than in the case of a trademark. If the name is free, buy it as soon as you are sure that it suits your small company.

How to Come Up With a Business Name?

Brainstorm a list of keywords (not the names as far)

When you already know what to avoid when choosing a startup name, it’s time to start choosing it. Try to write keywords to your project, everything that you associate with your company, on a piece of paper. It is quite difficult to come up with a ready-made name at once, but even an intuitive understanding of what kind of idea should be embedded in the name can help with the choice.

Use domain names generators

If you still ask yourself ‘what should I name my business’, this keyword list can be turned into a huge selection of ready-made names using domain name generators like Namemesh or Panabee. Choose the most attractive options from the list. So you simplify your task, and at the same time immediately make sure that the domain name is free.

Test the best matches on customers

The success of the name is often influenced by factors that are inaccessible to our perception, and it can only be measured by experience. Therefore, try to create several identical landings that differ only in name to pitch them to users and determine which name best interacts with the target audience.

Summary: What Should I Name My Business?

The choice of the name of a company which will lead you to a success is a creative task that is no less important than the choice of a product itself or a service delivery area. This is your future face, the name of all your activities, so it is also no less important that you personally like it. In this article, we gave you some ideas of how to come up with a business name in order to make the choice easier for you. Sincerely we hope that this information will be useful to you.

How to Choose a Name for Startup
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