One reason why technical progress is so intense nowadays is that it is no longer a privilege but a realm of our everyday routine. It is reaching out to every single area of our life and bringing new solutions to improve our performance and keep up with the pace of the modern life.

The construction industry is no exception. It includes a wide range of various details and procedures necessary for successful project completion. Since construction professionals are always on the go with their smartphones it is a perfect opportunity for construction app development to bring in innovational applications for civil engineering. Whether you build apps for construction project management or make construction estimating apps or mobile solutions for roofing works, the purposes for civil engineering are countless. Thanks to the mobile technology, construction managers and builders are now able to significantly optimize the management of sub-constructors, teams, hours and so on.

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Why create apps for construction industry?

As you can see, the impact of mobile technologies on the industry is hard to underestimate. Let’s take a closer look at the major areas of construction business which can be potentially interesting for mobile development market.

Mobile documentation access

Nowadays the ability to exchange the information rapidly is crucial. In construction business, this possibility allows sharing drawings and plans. Improving the speed of applying plan modifications and approving them really helps to save time and, as we all know, time is money.


With all the parties having instant access to all the information at the same time, it is possible to correct mistakes on spot, discuss just added changes immediately, or even check older records in case of some conflict.

Minimized delays

Since the overall time of the data exchange reduces, it increases the chances to deliver the project on time or even to provide the reduced time estimate to attract clients in that way. Critical information is handled faster as well allowing for construction team to be more proactive.

Back-office efficiency

Mobile apps for construction provide the possibility to keep all the documentation standardized. The ability to fill in preset forms saves time and stress for both: people who are filling the forms and people who used to need to decipher somebody’s handwriting. Also, no information will be missing since the form will request filling up all the necessary details. The possibility to attach media files, timestamps and so on can help to get all the information necessary linked together for further use.

Equipment management

Another very important feature that mobile apps can bring is the possibility to control the use of materials and equipment. This means that it will be possible to track the usage of all the tools needed for construction workers.

apps for construction industry

Best construction apps

Now that we clearly understand why developers create apps for construction industry and see the potential of this collaboration, it is just about time to check out some amazing examples of the work of this union. So let us take a look at seven highly popular apps for construction industry.


Communication is the key and with BuilderTREND you will be able to unlock any door. This app was created specifically for connecting people involved in the same construction project. It allows to make voice notes and add photos, assign different items to various people on the project yourself included, use a built-in messenger for instant communication, leave comments, coordinate with a contractor or a subcontractor and even assign or track online payments. All these amazing features, make BuilderTREND a top choice for on board collaboration, making it effortless and effective.


This application is a great help when it comes to home building. It stores all the necessary information and can be used at any stage of the process, whether it is the initial bidding stage or finishing line. Sending proposals, estimating, storing all the specifications and plans, managing bids, tracking schedule and project costs, managing orders and punch lists; all these operations can be easily performed with Co-construct and managed through a single dashboard. Also, it provides synchronization with QuickBooks to create cost forecasts and generate invoices.


If you are in need of a good solution for reporting, Raken may just be what you were looking for. It can support you all through your work, help you with creating text or voice reports and time stamps. You can also add photos and videos to your reports to make them more self-explanatory. With this app, you are able to add the climatic information as well as track the time lost due to bad climate conditions. Another feature many of you may find useful is the possibility to create a .pdf version of your report and send it out via e-mail. This application will be great for superintendents, construction managers and any other person interested in logging the workflow or analyzing the logs.



One of the key question everybody has when it comes to a construction project is “how much?”. In order to be able to provide competitive service, a construction manager should be able to calculate the estimate quickly and easily. And this is something JobFLEX can help with. First of all, it provides the possibility to create customized estimate options which means that it is a flexible tool which will suit all types of projects. As many other apps nowadays, it allows to add photos to each estimation project which is actually pretty handy when discussing projects and selecting between several alternative solutions. It is easy to preview, edit, email and even print out. The best thing about it is that it can be used without wi-fi or even cell signal. A slight disadvantage is that it is not accessible for the iOS users at the moment, however, the users of Android can get it from the Play Store. JobFLEX provides free unlimited support so that you can enjoy the app’s flawless performance.


FingerCAD is a technical drawing application which allows you to draw with your fingers with the addition of a little bit of magic from the app’s side. It can be very handy for on-spot raw drawings or instant modifications. With this app, you can save your designs, email or print them out. It is a very simple yet a super handy tool for construction professionals.


This application is the perfect example of the idea which was brought to life using the latest innovational techniques. With GoBIM you are able to navigate 3D models including the data associated with them. The size of the item which can be processed by the app is limited by certain settings, however, do not let that scare you. It is a greate app which allows all the parties to the process to visualize the end result and to predict possible issues the project may face.


SmartBidNet is an iOS application which will help you to create your bid and manage the process altogether with the sub-constructors. SmartBidNet provides a safe and reliable experience as well as suggesting useful information to make your workflow easier.

The applications mentioned above are popular due to their multiple handy features and due to the fact that they can be used almost on any kind of construction project. However, there are way more absolutely amazing apps which are concentrated solely on certain areas of expertise. For example, the construction calculator app for carpentry, the concrete pad calculator and even the app that measures heat and humidity of the place which should protect workers from health risks.

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As you may see, the construction industry is a perfect playground for creative ideas and innovation. When it comes to construction, there are so many areas of interest involved into the process which can potentially be optimized with the help of applications. And finally, mobile app development for construction and civil engineering companies is a great investment because construction never stops and a handy app will definitely find its own niche on the market.

Why Build Apps for Construction Industry
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