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In our turbulent time of rapidly developing technologies and speedy rhythm of life, we sometimes forget about the most important thing – about our health. It’s not surprising, because many of us spend most of our time at work, in vanity and emotional experiences (sometimes even stress) of various projects, business trips, and reports. Such an abundance of tasks sometimes does not leave time for personal life or caring for our health.

In this article, we will not go into technical details about how to integrate HealthKit, we will speak about it later. Even if we take the question of how to make an app with a HealthKit. It will be more about what HealthKit is and how attractive it is for your app.

Mobile devices are a blessing that gives us technological progress and new technologies. We can compose letters, make calls, create video conferences with partners from all over the world. And all that is needed is a small device that can run a specific application. Ok, so we organize our work and time. But what about health?

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Fortunately for us, many companies are also concerned about this, which resulted in all kinds of fitness bracelets appearing on the market. They allow you to track your activity, the steps you took, the time of sleep, the pulse. This was the first, but significant step on the way to the development of technologies that would affect not only the sports but also the medical direction.

Imagine a future in which people can monitor their health with special devices measuring not only the pulse, blood pressure, but for example, the blood sugar level. And it would be not necessary to visit the hospital because everything will be available “on the go.” It all will work in one well-functioning ecosystem that will receive data, store it and send it to your doctor. And all these functions will be available on your smartphone. It would be wonderful, right? And it is, indeed. This future has already come and available with iPhone health app development! And it’s not surprising that Apple decided to do it first with launching its own Healthcare API on the market.


Apple health API

Apple health api, or HealthKit was launched in 2014 made quite a buzz around it. HealthKit is nothing more (and nothing less) than a bridging API that Apple has released to help third-party developers who want to produce products that are somehow related to health or sports. This tool allows unifying the data transfer from various devices to the standard iOS “Health” application. Which, in turn, is designed to store data from fitness trackers or other devices monitoring the physical state of the owner of a smartphone or tablet from Apple.

A shining example of a device that works with HealthKit can be the CellScope Oto Home which designed for home use. And do not worry if you are not an otolaryngologist or you do not have a medical education, it will not be needed when using this device. Why? Because of the simple work principle, which simplifies communication with your doctor. All you need to do is attach the device to your iPhone camera, then it takes a few pictures and sends them to the doctor. Then, on the basis of all the obtained data, the doctor can either give you a consultation or prescribe a treatment online. In most cases, you do not even have to leave your home.

Another interesting development is Swaive. This is an intelligent ear thermometer, which allows you to synchronize the data with HealthKit. The principle of operation, surprisingly, is very similar to the previous product (who would have thought, right?) because the field of “action” for them is almost the same. But what is more interesting – the provided functions. This thermometer has its own custom medical history app for iPhone, which allows you to customize individual profiles for each member of your family. In addition, there is also the possibility of taking some notes after each measurement so that your doctor can more accurately understand the problem, establish the symptoms and prescribe the appropriate treatment. After all the above steps, the data from the thermometer are synchronized with your smartphone and ready for transfer.

It’s amazing how humanity can simplify routine and care for itself. But what else can afford this technology, what can make you pay attention to it? Looking at all facts, we believe that the development of the App with HealthKit is not only interesting but also necessary! Not without reasons, of course.

An important factor in the popularization of this or that technology is interest. To tell more about the HealthKit from Apple, we could not fail to mention the fact that several medical institutions of the US have become quite familiar with it. Namely, Stanford University Hospital and Duke University.

At Stanford University, work was carried out on the development of an intelligent glucometer, which allows to measure blood sugar levels and synchronize the received data with iOS devices. This is very useful and important for people with Type 1 diabetes and their endocrinologists, who could receive data on the health status of their patients lightning-fast.

Scientists from Duke University are working on another project – they want to make a device that would allow monitoring of the condition of cancer patients or people with diseases of the cardiovascular tract. To do this, they want to monitor the weight, blood pressure and other indicators of patients.


HealthKit Apps

A picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s better analyze some of the HealthKit apps:

1. MotionX 24/7: Sleeptracker

It works on HealthKit, costs only $ 0.99, but it can help you save a lot of nerves and time on the trip to the doctor. As the name implies, this app monitors your sleep hours, besides it also helps to get data on heart beating and breathing during sleep.

2. MyFitnessPal

Diary of nutrition and calorie counter. This application will help you eat healthy by counting the calories (spent or purchased, calculating the nutritional value of the foods you eat). All you need to do is just write what you ate today, the rest of the countings program will do by itself.

3. Fitbit

A very popular application among people who care about their health and want to do their sports more seriously. The application allows to clearly determine the type of activity, calculate the passed distance, steps, and pulse.

Should you make an app with HealthKit?

Yes, many of iOS HealthKit apps are still not good enough, but some are making significant strides forward, which allows hope for a better improvement in the situation of medical devices and applications for smartphones. This gives reason to believe that perhaps in 5 years, we may be surprised by individual devices for express blood analysis or other body systems tests that will be mobile and can be placed in a small bag.

All we wanted to say is that the iOS health system is amazing! It allows to receive data from all supported devices, processes them in the proper type for transfer and allows you to share the necessary information with your doctor. Which in turn can help you be healthier or even to save life. Besides, building an app right now would be timely, it will make you ahead of the game and first on the market in many fields. It’s high time to find a great idea to change people’s lives!

Want to know how to make an app with HealthKit or how to integrate HealthKit? Do not hesitate to ask us your question. With great pleasure, we will try to answer all of them.

How to Build an App with HealthKit?
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