Messaging app for business

Messaging app for business – fact or fiction? Speaking globally, many successful projects have already developed their instant messengers, remember Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and others.


Mobile messengers global audience

As you can see from the global statistics, the most popular mobile messengers have practically passed the mark of 1,000 million users, which means that their number will only increase in future. And this, in turn, means that the market will expand and the audience will want a similar functionality in many other applications. Don’t you think that this is a serious reason to think about such functions as chat or messaging in your applications?

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Why to Build Chat into Your App

So, why to Build Chat into Your App? Well, if you are planning to create big business, you probably should think about your customers. The customer-centric approach involves taking care of the client, so it’s important to be constantly in touch, right? But how? There are some quite old and proven methods that, in general, will always work but aren’t always convenient and fast – they are phone calls and emails.

As for the first case, a call center will require a lot of resources and people who speak the customer’s language, this is the first thing. Secondly, these people need to be trained to deal with emerging issues, and the third – it’s necessary to minimize the waiting time because customers don’t like waiting.


E-mails can carry a lot of useful information, but there is one problem – it’s too long to wait, and as we already wrote above – clients don’t like wasting their time.

And what to do if you have an excellent mobile application that is designed to increase sales or attract customers? The correct answer here is modifying your product with an in-app support chat, which will give users opportunity to ask questions and get a quick response.

Enterprise chat application

What we can call an enterprise chat application – the app providing certain services to your customers. Whether it’s a banking application or a client for an online store and also a taxi dispatch software.

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We have talked about different ways of communication with the client, but we also consider online chat with a technical (or other) support specialist to be the most modern and reliable one. Besides it is secured – you can use closed communication protocols in the application, in addition your conversation will not be overheard by strangers. Moreover mobile messengers have recently become one of the most popular tools for communication. Just take a look at the statistics which indicates the number of active users in Whatsapp by the 2013-2017 (of course, globally).


Whatsapp global month’s active users (from 2013 to 2017)

Benefits of building an app with chat feature

To identify benefits of building an app with chat feature let’s focus on the client first, and then proceed to some business advantages. How does the user see the chat in the application? In fact, for clients there is no visible difference between a messenger or a chat, they see just a conversation screen  in which they can write messages, send images or share links. Which is undoubtedly convenient for online communication, or if there won’t be any internet connection the client can always use the archaic way – phone call.

From the support specialist’s side everything might look a little different, because all the necessary information about clients or their problems, he \ she gets in the ticket, it remains only to clarify few parameters. Such approach is good for users – they can receive necessary support quickly, qualitatively and safely, thus without leaving the application or website. But financial matters are a special case, what should other businesses do?

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Here are the main tips and ideas why should businesses use chat features:


Try to consider the chat not only as a support tool, but also as a tool for attracting new customers. Clients are social, so they need live communication with a person who can tell the right information or explain some product features (especially if the support specialist can see what the buyer sees).

Especially now, according to various researchers, more than 50% of US residents are shopping online. The information available here and here.



On the other hand, chats allowing you to learn more about your customers, which might help you to improve your service and focus more on marketing. What information can you get:

• E-mail or phone number;

• Country (city) of residence;

• Current product or page of customer’s interest;

• Type of device, its operating system and browser;

• It is also possible to find out about the user’s search request;

It is worth adding that with the help of live communication you can understand what a person needs and what sales strategy should be used. In addition, if clients are ready to answer additional questions, you can get a feedback about their experience of using the service and possible improvements.


Customers who visit your site are re-used for business cheaper and are more predisposed buying a product. Clients like being recognized, so it is necessary to know their preferences, without wasting the time convincing them to purchase unnecessary goods.

By integrating online chat and other tools, you can increase the appeal of the store for customers. This can be done with notification tools, which will show that an important customer has returned to the site, or display statistics of his \ her requests and purchases. Thus, the support specialist can more closely choose the right product or offer more options.

It is worth adding that chats are much cheaper than the call center, because they require a smaller number of staff. One support specialist can simultaneously operate either 2-3 chat rooms, or one phone call. By the way, speaking of calls, it’s worth mentioning that such functionality can be added by online instruments within the chat and the client will not spend his \ her money on outgoing calls.

Should you implement a chat feature

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know how to integrate chat into your app!

Well, in the end, decision is yours and that’s a question: should you implement a chat feature. Summing all the above, it’s not hard to make the right decision – if you want to increase user retention, conversion and time in the application. as far as we are concerned, we believe that adding an internal customer support chat to the application is a great idea that can help you increase sales and possibly expand the business.

Does Your App Need to Have a Chat Feature?
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