This article we would like to start with a small retreat. Have you ever thought about the role of speech in the life and evolution of mankind? People are social and therefore predisposed to conversations from birth. And that’s great because this way we can pass on our thoughts and feelings to each other, share knowledge and emotions. We are growing and with it developing our language and ways of communication, gaining flexibility and new features.

In this note, we would like to talk about “what is chatbot” as a whole and “how to build bots for messengers” separately. We believe that bots are now using a similar approach to speech (of course as part of their algorithms, but the algorithms are becoming more and more perfect every day).

Chatbots and messaging

Here, in Erminesoft, we always follow the latest trends and can say that the chatbots have gained immense popularity, especially among the mobile platforms like Android and iOS. And they are not going to stop! If earlier it was something like a small entertainment feature for the people who are interested in new technologies, now it is almost the most important function for the modern messenger. Look at “Allo” from Google, which has Google Assistant – bot and the new voice assistant “out of the box”.

Of course, chatbots are not only prevailing on mobile platforms, but we are talking about such integration as we believe that in this bunch it works best. Why? It’s simple – the rhythm of life is growing, the mobile market is increasing, users need even greater comfort and speed of actions execution. This technology can provide even more in the most enjoyable form – the form of conversation, so highly valued by all of us. And it’s available anytime and anywhere, as the rare person left his smartphone for a long time.

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If you think that chatbots are used only for entertainment purposes, then we hasten to assume that this is no longer so. Today, with the help of this technology, the company can improve its business by using chatbots.

We think it does not make much sense to write the definition of what a chatbot is, as many of us have faced with this phenomenon one way or another, but still. A chatbot is the kind of application that can support a written dialogue with the user.  Its principle of operation is based on choosing the right response from ready-made solutions in the database and it may also respond to a set of preinstalled commands.


Tasks that bots can help optimize for business

Data search

It is already possible to give bots some tasks of finding, collecting and providing all sorts of information. Create a new corporate channel to provide actual information, news or assistance for employees;

Electronic assistant

Rapid response helpdesk and support service play an important role in companies life, but sometimes it’s difficult to create an ideal working and responsive system. Why not use a chatbot in this area? Releasing bots on the front line, the first line of support, you can save time, staff and customers: bots can entertain people and make queues;

Creation of company image

Keeping 24-7 support is not always justified and profitable, so some of the work of providing information to customers can be given to the bot. A brief description of the operations, provision of relevant contacts or small recommendations for the selection of goods and services – all of this you can easily integrate into the live chat support.

Why create chatbots

1. Portability

For example, let’s remember such virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana, and as we mentioned before, Google Assistant. These boots are not only on mobile platforms but also on desktops and even wearable devices. This gives huge scope for new ideas and implementations as well as popularization of virtual assistants and bots, integrating them into all devices, increasing user comfort.

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2. Say no to installations

That’s right, you heard right – no installations, no longer need to “block up” your device with another application. Thus you do not need to spend time searching, downloading and installing the bot from the marketplace. Well, almost. To use the bot you only need to write a message. So easy and just a few moments. But to complete the work with chatbot you will not need a host application, which you will use to correspond with it. Why do we say “no installation” – because the reality shows that in 90% of cases the user already has at least one messenger application.

3. Price

It’s no secret that mobile applications are expensive and include a lot of the analysis stages, design and testing. To make a high-quality app you have hired a team of developers, managers, and perhaps designers with testers to spend many hours in conversation, negotiation and wait for the end of the development. It may take many months and tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars – both in the development and in the support and promotion.

With bots the situation is becoming much clearer – the necessary applications have already been developed, and the advertising can be easily shifted to the algorithms. In addition, writing the bot does not require a big team, only one (or two) experienced developer and a little bit of time.


Messaging platforms for chatbots

Chatbots can be integrated into most of the today’s messengers: Telegrams, Facebook Messenger, Viber and others. This allows the user to more efficiently manage his free time and more efficient use of the resources of his devices. Some may find this statement controversial, but we believe that one request and one link in the reply, it is much more practical than a dozen open tabs.

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How to build a chatbot

There are several different ways to write bots – with the use of programming and without it, there are services that allow you to create a bot without a single line of code. Examples of such services are Chatfuel and Botsify.

On the other hand, some services provide their APIs that allows integrating custom bots into their services. For example Telegram and Facebook. This might be useful to people who want to deploy not a simple assistant, who will answer questions during a lack of human, but those who need a special implementation of artificial intelligence with machine learning. For example, to perform and to optimize routine tasks.


Knowing all these facts, it’s becoming clear and not surprising that the chatbot development is at the peak of its popularity. Yes, you can say that the new trends are not always getting some kind of a habit, and many of it are forgotten so far. But worth to remember that the new development is creating new competitions, and the winner is the one who had time to analyze the market and produce an interesting product on time. In addition, the introduction of bots into their mobile applications have already been involved by Telegram, Google, and Microsoft. Guess these guys you can certainly trust. For dessert – the development in the field of artificial intelligence in our time is getting much popular than ever before and will continue for a long time. So it’s time to take your luck by the tail and purposefully run for new challenges!

So, if you wondered in “how to make your own chatbots”, do not hesitate to contact us – we will certainly help you to solve this issue.

ChatBot App Development Explained
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