Drupal vs Custom Drupal vs Custom PHP for Social Network

We keep discussing technology choices for large-scale fundraising platform. Last time we compared Drupal with Joomla, here we would like to share our thoughts regarding Pros and Contras of Drupal and custom PHP solutions. Drupal Pros: 1.  Pretty quick development (it’s near 30% faster due to the set of features implemented from abox) 2.  The… Read more »

Time Overspent on Your Projects 6 Tips to Avoid Time Overspent on Your Projects

Software or web development process, especially when you hire 3rd party contractor, has a wide range of challenges.   There is always a chance to face time overspent on the project. There are a lot of reasons on why it may happen, so project planning is a key to success, and there are some steps that… Read more »

Drupal vs. Joomla Drupal vs Joomla for Fund-Raising Platform (Social Network)

We have got a request to develop a social network for fund-raising platform recently and the customer was interested in considering Joomla social network as a technology for this job. Our Drupal social network team has gained an extended experience for CMS-based development; let us share pros and cons for Drupal vs Joomla for an… Read more »

Quick Solution for Adding and Changing Twitter How to Add and Change Twitter Profile Picture From Android App

OVERVIEW One of our clients sent us a request to deliver Facebook and Twitter integration for both iOS and Android platforms.  Facebook and Twitter change their API very often and due to the latest changes, it was not obvious how to do that quickly on Android platform, and there was no well-structured documentation on Twitter… Read more »

apps-started-from-prototyping Why Most Successful Apps Started From Prototyping?

Mobile App Development: What Do Figures say? It may seem that building apps is a quick, cheap and easy matter, but it’s even harder than any web-based app. Why? In general, 80% of mobile apps face troubles. These troubles appear after release stage when investors realize this app doesn’t earn money. Just imagine: you plan to… Read more »

flurry-analytics-into-ios-app How to Integrate Flurry Analytics into iOS App?

This tutorial contains an overview of how to implement Flurry Analytics in iPhone app. Flurry Analytics helps to follow user behavior inside the app, it’s nice to have it when it’s critical to know more about most popular user transitions and steps in the mobile app. So here we are happy to share custom source code on… Read more »

Rotate Image in Imageview on Button Click in Android How to Rotate an Image in Android

While developing a new update for Android application (Notebook With Categories), we faced the following issue: when a user makes a photo (snapshot) under landscape mode, the app takes this picture in portrait under grid view which is not good for image preview. This error was not common, it occurred only on some devices. We managed to… Read more »