Today, we move away a bit from our usual narrative and will cover a particular topic on one side – best app stores for android. We are always trying to talk about the technology or hardware (including software) platforms, weighing many factors that may affect the spread of described technology or its usage. That is, we write the article in a way to reveal opportunities or potential pitfalls of using this or that product. On top of all available platforms.

We try to be as objective as possible in our judgments and listen to a variety of our developers, who telling valuable and useful information (which we, later, providing you). As for Android and for iOS, it gives us a greater understanding of technologies or the development process as well as the possible difficulties that may arise in the design\development process. Let’s be honest – there is always a risk (if not at the stage of development, some problems may arise during testing, especially if the operating system manufacturer has provided a new version of the product shortly before).

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The idea to highlight the top android appstores we had some time ago, but we could not just write about it, bringing a few well-known facts and links. We love the analysis, so at first, we have weighed all “pros and cons”, the appropriateness of this article and came to the conclusion that it will be great to write few lines.

So, in this article, we will figure out the best third party google play alternative!

Android is popular

We hope that it won’t be a secret that Android is one of the most popular operating systems for today. A few years ago, this number has reached about 1.4 billion active devices. It should be noted that this operating system has long passed from only “mobile” into the broader consumer segment. Not only smartphones and tablets but also TVs, TV-boxes, different components of “smart home” and even watches – this is an incomplete list of what can run android. Moreover, some progressive developers are trying to adapt the system for the needs of PC users! Excluding devices-transformers, which can be converted from a laptop to a tablet or vice versa.


The mobile market now is probably one of the fastest growing areas. For only one year comes more than a billion devices running Android, and large companies produce at least one mega-device, which turns the market upside down. The combination of these factors just tells us about the popularity of the system and the direction in general.

Reasons of such abnormous popularity

First of all, you need to know that Android – a free and open system. Thus, If you have some knowledge, you can make the necessary custom distro literally with your own hands, by adding or removing from the system specific functions. For example as a kind of analog of multi-tasking and multi-window, which was offered by Samsung long before Android 7 and it’s official release. Or the whole system, which has a completely different philosophy – a great example would be a Lineage OS (ex-CyanogenMod).

It also offers great opportunities for customization of the system interface, which a lot of manufacturers often do: Samsung, LG, HTC and even not AAA brands like Xiaomi. If you do not share the views of the manufacturer, you can find and install every launcher or theme you want.

And finally, we got to the main subject of the article – alternative android marketplace. After all, you need somewhere to take applications, right? We certainly believe that one of the main reasons for the widespread android on various devices is not about its openness but its app store – Google Play market. It is a place where everyone can find the application on own taste and needs – both free and paid. And yet you can purchase games, music, movies and much more.

It would be great to do something like this, Microsoft?


Reasons you may seek alternatives to google play store

What are the possible benefits Android gives its users and software developers? First, this policy provides variation and, as a consequence, a certain freedom of action. Consumers do not need to download applications only from the Google Market, they are free to install applications from any source. That can lead to some unpleasant consequences, but this is a topic for another article. In this one, we will try to tell you where it is safe to take apps for your device.

But still, what are the reasons to buy an application in another store?

• Google Policy of application distribution. Did you know that needed application might be inaccessible in your region? In this case, you simply can not buy the application. An unpleasant moment that makes millions of users of this wonderful operating system to be nervous in some way. “Such rules,” they say, “No!” – we answer. Do not tolerate such blatant injustice, look for alternatives.

• This does not happen often, but we believe that you just have to know this – in some countries, there is no Play market at all! Google may be banned at the state level or vice versa.

• Prices. Sometimes, in order to raise its rating (or other objective reasons), some small markets run sales or (some like holidays) discounts – which can be quite profitable for customers. Or, as in the case of the Amazon, where the company has its own market\devices and want users to buy goods from “native” store.

• If you are a developer – another market opens for you. Some stores allow you to place the application absolutely for free, so you can promote your app and provide number of installs and the “live” feedback.

List of app stores for android

Amazon AppStore

As we have mentioned above, the Amazon company has its own market, which allows customers to buy almost anything, including applications and games. In addition, a commercial giant selling its own devices running modified android. Thus, the company is promoting its own products and services.

And it makes sense: according to the latest available public information, on Amazon store is now available about 600k programs, indicating the rapid growth of interest of developers and users to the service. And making it a major competitor for Google.



This service is more like aggregator than a shop in the classic sense. It contains only free apps, and support is provided through donations – no fees, only voluntary contributions. But despite this, the service has and can do everything you need – from a web interface to the official app, from the version check to application updates.

Samsung Galaxy Apps

We do not know whether this service was created as a platform to promote own development from Samsung, or this was done in order to refuse Google services when the occasion requires. After beginning the company actively promoted the store equally as some applications that are an alternative to same by Google (eg Samsung Translator etc.)  among its members. Now, this service can be used for example to circumvent the difficulties which we have mentioned above.


Quite old and well-known service with more than 3 million installs per day. It is famous for unprecedented discounts and the possibility to install paid app absolutely for free (all expenses and commissions store took over itself).

Service has an excellent reputation and is functioning smoothly in the market since 2004 (about 4 years before the start of App Store) and has an audience of more than 270 million users. It has similar to Play Market structure and logic, but it allows you to install some applications for free – an excellent symbiosis of ideas and market exigencies!



Thus was our vision of the best app stores for android. There are also other popular shops, where you can find required application, but we chose the top most respected and secure services.

Our company does not recommend to install questionable applications from untrusted sources. Remember that this may lead to personal data loss or provide stored information to third parties and may also cause damage to your device. Use only approved services!

Best Alternative Android App Stores
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