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In our blog, we discussed a lot of different topics that concerned the technical side of development. Also, we wrote about non-technical aspects such as promotion, design creation, deep linking and so on. It is the time to talk about the application engagements and ways to increase app engagement. But first things first.

An engaging application is more than just an idea, it’s a clearly planned strategy that includes many points to achieve success. We won’t simply give a list of “5 tips or methods to increase user engagement”, but a proven and working practice. Why it so important?

This issue must be discussed in advance, preferably before the release of the application. Unfortunately, the outflow of users happens even in great and high-end applications. Such as example we can consider Pokemon Go, which mercilessly destroyed all possible charts and set incomprehensible records. But after some time, users stopped using the application, forgot about it, and also deleted it.

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Why did it happen? There were many factors here, but one could be safely said: engaging app is an application that not only stays in progress but also interacts with the user. Any application (probably except for those that are specially developed for internal use in the company, although there are exceptions) should be aimed at attracting your client. It does not really matter which mobile platform your application is designed for – the rules will be similar in the case with Android and iOS. And yes, in this article we will not only talk about app marketing but also in many cases about the application interface.

How to increase user engagement

There are some things that are overlooked when creating the concept of an application based on its idea. It should be intuitive and understandable, the flow should be imperceptible and should be traced equally through all the screens. The main goal is to become a benefit, that an application can bring to your client. Without this, your app is unlikely to be used. As well as if the application is difficult to learn and it takes a long time to figure out how it all works. And this is one of the main cases about how to increase user engagement.


After installing the application, the consumer expects that it will help solve his problem right here and right now. Desirably with the help of several taps. That is, you need to clearly understand the goals that an application should solve, you need to think like a user and try to simplify the possible stages of using functions, reduce their number to a minimum.

At the same time, it should be kept in mind that the main interface between the client and the application is the graphical interface. Therefore, the app design should be easy, fast and also exclude any possibility of confusion.

How to build user engagement strategy

How to build user engagement strategy – that is the question. Well, since this article is called “5 Best Ways to Increase User Engagement”, it should have the same meaning, which assumes that we are going to list the main figures that are worth paying attention to. In order to create a cool application that would bite users and not bother them, one should keep in mind:

1. Push notifications

What happens to applications that for a long time “collect dust” in the list of installed ones, but do not give any signs of life? Correctly, they might become removed. At first, they become forgotten but later they get removed, this is a cycle of applications in nature.

How can you remind about it? For example, you can send emails sharing news or announcing new features to the user. Here it is not the message type that matters, it is its presence or frequency of occurrence. That is, if you fill up the user with useless (or useful, not so important) messages every hour, then such cooperation will not exactly grow into a long-term partnership. The customers are tired of constant spam. And to get rid of it, you can take a simple action – quickly remove the source of discomfort. Speaking more globally, now users do not like email notification from applications.

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And here come push-notifications. After all, they can be made more personalized, more targeted, sending a short message to the client about the availability of a weekly stock. In addition, such notifications can be associated with the user’s geolocation position and display special offers from the nearest stores, etc. And they do not soil the mail. It is important to choose the right push notification strategy to make the most out of it.


2. Demo-mode

Also, the user does not like applications that cannot be tried before purchasing. It turns out that you can buy a pig in a poke. I believe that no one likes to spend their money on unknown products of doubtful provenance and quality, right? Additionally, to make the first acquaintance of the consumer with the application as pleasant as possible, it is worth making a small “familiarization” mode, without authentication and other. Launch-look-buy.

3. Design

It seems that we have already mentioned design but it is the point you cannot ignore. You should always remember that the best user experience your clients might have within an app is to tap one or two buttons. Do not waste customer’s time and patience. Always make sure you find experience UI/UX designers who are able both to create the whole logic of the interface and at the same time make your future app as attractive as possible.

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4. Deep Linking

Speaking of notifications, one should say a few words about Deep Linking in mobile apps. Using this concept, your notifications will become more informative, more efficient and allow the client to save time. Which is likely to lead to more loyalty to your company.

5. Feedback and contacts

The basis of any communication is discussion. If you make communication with you simple and affordable, then users themselves will want to help you develop the application or maybe even want to cooperate with you on other terms. Make a block of questions and answers, as well as a block of your contacts, this will help establish communication between you and the client.

User engagement strategies

We tried to parse some user engagement strategies, in the context of mobile development. We picked 5 best ways but in general this topic is really huge and often has no clear methodology, it often involves in-app features, stickers, gifts, promocodes and other ways of making users return to the app and use it once again. All users are different, they are looking for different solutions and they need different applications. The only way to do it right is to find out your audience, its needs, requirements, and problems. And further – develop an ideal application, having an idea of what kind of result should be in the end.

5 Best Ways to Increase User Engagement
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