In this article, we strive to give some tips on how to build a mobile app for restaurant.

The world has changed so much that we cannot imagine the life without mobile gadgets – to find a modern person without at least one device is practically impossible.

Every modern business can use an additional promotion and the mobile application development is a great way to increase the popularity of their establishment. In addition, the mobile application provides a high level of service that surely will affect the clients. That’s one of the reasons why startups hire developers to create them a mobile application, especially it concerns restaurant mobile app development.

The catering services have not missed the fancy for mobile applications too: every self-respecting institution strives to build a small beautifully designed custom mobile apps for restaurants that support communication with customers. Mobile applications for a restaurant, café or bar are something that reminds the customer those pleasant places they visited. In other words, every time a person will open an app tray, their and their associates’ eyes will catch the logo of your institution. One can hardly think of the advertising cheaper and more efficient, indeed mobile app development for restaurant can be a bliss.

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What does a mobile app contain?

To date, there are plenty of possible options in mobile app for restaurant. However, the main challenges to be solved with the help of such applications are similar. They include:

• Details about the institution

Each user of the smartphone will be able to view the address of the institution and its mark on the map, operation hours and other information that may be useful. It will not be superfluous to help the customer finding the establishment’s placement, especially when it is situated at the large shopping center or a busy street. Such navigation system can include the game elements or the restaurant’s advert to start communication with the visitor even before they arrive.

• Menu

Before coming to the restaurant the client can scroll through the colorful menu and decide what he wants to try this time. For the restaurants, to present their culinary masterpieces beautifully is one of the main ways to sell the dishes, and to visitors, such stories are needed to let them understand how a particular dish fits their habits and needs. To discover as much as possible about the prospective course is not just a whim for many people. Sometimes it is a need that determines whether a person will visit a restaurant or stay at home.

• News

Customers can view the recent changes, read about the new dishes, promotions and discounts.

• Booking

You can book a table by filling out a form through the application. This provides maximum convenience for the guest and saves money on calls.

• Customer reviews

The institution can create the stories about the skilled cooks, first-class service and favorable terms themselves. However, when this information comes from the satisfied visitors, it is much more convincing – better than any advertising is.

• Delivery orders and takeaways

The most popular mobile applications belong to the companies specializing in the delivery of a variety of foods: pizza, sushi, rolls, drinks, etc. You have to agree, it is much quicker and easier to place your custom order by pressing a few buttons than to dial in and explain what you want.

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Why is it effective?

However, it is also important not to forget that the use of a mobile application should be convenient for not only guests but also the administration of the establishment. From the standpoint of the owner, the mobile application provides a comprehensive electronic catalog, convenient feedback, forms a shopping and order lists. Nowadays the implementation of electronic payments in the process of mobile app development for the restaurant is a MUST. Mobile apps are about to make our life easier and help us, aren’t they? Gourmands in the restaurant want to enjoy the food and atmosphere, not to think about money and payment, so please – give them such an opportunity.

In addition, a mobile application for a cafe or restaurant allows the entrepreneur to optimize the performance of their staff and reduce organizational costs. The application can be integrated with existing IT infrastructure, and you get a very flexible link with many advantages. For example, if you change the price or the names of several dishes, or there is a need to remove or add items to the menu:

• You don’t need input a double stock-list.

Sufficient is to make changes in the accounting program and those changes will automatically be mirrored in the mobile app.

• Your staff will not have to transfer manually the orders coming through the app.

The operator will simply confirm the order inside the system, after which it is automatically sent into the terminal and printed out. Orders made through the mobile app for restaurant ordering will be received in an instant, which provides the most rapid processing.

restaurant app

Who is already on the applications market?

Yelp is an application that allows finding places of interest on the map in a matter of seconds. When the user starts the app, it resolves their location and composes a list of nearby cafes and restaurants.

Next, the user determines what is most important to them. If they do not want to go far, the list can be sorted by distance, short on cash – by the cost, would like to visit the most popular place – by rating. As soon as a suitable option is found, the user can check the establishment’s details; get the shortest route to the destination at the built-in map, pre-study the visitors’ reviews and watch photos.

Those who use Yelp to look up cafes and restaurants, often take a great pleasure in using a second service: OpenTable.

The OpenTable functional module provides a table reservation service. Any restaurant that is registered there can use the module to let the end users make reservations with the use of the mobile application.

Another popular service is Urbanspoon.
The app helps the user to choose a good restaurant, given their current location and is a recommender service that introduces users to the reviews and private ratings of different institutions. Another of this app’s amusing features is the animated roulette table in the main menu, by spinning the reel of which, the user will get pointed to a good restaurant.

As you can see, all of the above applications are built around the core idea and are quite simple. Are you not eager to repeat and overcome the success of their authors? We can help you to develop a mobile app for restaurant.

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The development of mobile applications: what we have to offer?

Ordering the development of mobile application for restaurant, cafe, delivery company from Erminesoft, as a result, you will get a vivid and memorable interface, and a powerful and flexible functionality. The restaurant mobile app development cost and timeframe will be a pleasant surprise, this we can promise.

You definitely need the mobile app for your business:

• If you want to start delivering food to your customers and take orders through the mobile app;

• If many of your customers are immersed in their phones and tablets while waiting for the order and you haven’t even wondered yet how this can be used;

• If you wish to have the direct contact with your customers;

The conventional means pale in comparison with the possibility of sending notifications directly to client’s phone, which is always at their hand.

• If you care about the image of your company and wish to keep up with the times.

In a today’s market, developing a mobile application is necessary anyway, or the competitors simply will not give you the time to recover, luring away all the customers – the laws of modern business are such that to keep pace with the progress is obligatory for the survival of the enterprise.

Managing a public catering business is not an easy task and everyday concerns often take most of the time of the management, we acknowledge that. We fully understand your needs and, therefore, offer a complete solution – a cross-platform mobile application for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices, integrated with existing automation systems. In addition, we use the latest technologies, such as React Native, allowing your proposal to score among the most progressive and modern.

The application can be developed for both a food network and individual institution, allowing to simplify and speed up the applied processes. In our experience, the most customer return is given by the use of hybrid multi-platform applications.

We have a devoted team of restaurant mobile app developers. We offer our assistance in the fight for every customer. Our mobile app will provide you with an opportunity to increase the number of loyal customers, increase their allegiance and the credibility of your establishment.

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Mobile App Development For Restaurants
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